[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: nhc98-1.20

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Fri Nov 23 06:58:36 EST 2007


We are pleased to announce that, contrary to popular belief, there is
indeed more than one Haskell compiler in the world.  Whilst nhc98 might
not receive much love and attention these days, it does at least
continue to work.  1.20 is a refreshed release with many of the current
core library packages included, and a variety of small bugfixes since
the last release.

  * It successfully compiles and runs more programs from the nobench
    suite than jhc, hbc, Hugs, or yhc.

  * It generates an interpreted bytecode that, on the whole runs faster
    than that generated by Hugs or yhc, and in many cases is also faster
    than ghci.

  * Although nhc98 is written in Haskell, you don't need an existing
    Haskell compiler on your platform to build nhc98 - a C compiler will
    do.  Hence, it is portable to almost any unix-like machine with a
    32-bit compatibility mode.

  * Many useful build tools come included:
        hmake  (the inspiration for ghc --make)
        hi     (interactive read-eval-print, like Hugs or ghci)
        cpphs  (Haskell-aware replacement for cpp)
        hsc2hs (preprocessor for FFI code)

  * Supplied with recent versions of these library packages:
        base, Cabal, directory, filepath, fps, haskell-src, HaXml,
        html, HUnit, old-locale, old-time, parsec, polyparse, pretty,
        process, QuickCheck, random, xhtml

  * Supports the Haskell'98 language standard, with the following
    language extensions:
        pattern guards (new)
        existential types
        named field puns
        hierarchical module names
        foreign function interface
        no monomorphism restriction
        empty data declarations


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