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Derek Elkins derek.a.elkins at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 18:41:52 EST 2007

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At http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/AmeroHaskell is a page for a
proposed Haskell meeting originally aimed for the south eastern United
States.  Quite a few people registered interest, but few of them were in
the SE.  This email is to prompt any more interest in such a meeting
without any fixed geographical locale.  To get an idea of what it would
be like, it would be something along the lines of

Anyone interested in an Haskell meeting anywhere in America mark your
interest and what region would be good for you.  Anyone who could
provide a venue would also be highly appreciated.  It may well end up
being AmeroHaskells with several meetings in different regions.

However, to put things in motion for something concrete at all, we're
hoping to put together a meeting taking place in the Portland area as
that seems most convenient to the most people who had registered
interest in AmeroHaskell and an easy place to find a venue.  In that
vein, while no plans have been made, something aimed for the
January/February time-frame and probably hosted by Galois, if they are
willing, has been discussed.

The event would probably be a few days long and would involve some
informal (and perhaps impromptu) talks and hanging out, getting to know
each other as more than an IRC handle, and some cooperative hacking.
Again, see the AngloHaskell page for an idea.  Anyone who is interested
in presenting a talk about anything they are doing or are interested in
in Haskell or Haskell-related topics please suggest that on the wiki
page or reply here!  Admittedly a January/February time-frame does not
provide a lot of head time, but the talks are aimed at a friendly chat
tone rather than a formal presentation.  Feel free to bring your
half-baked ideas.

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