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Graham Hutton gmh at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
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Applications  are invited for  a fully-funded  PhD studentship  on the
EPSRC project "Reasoning About Exceptions and Interrupts", starting on
1st October 2007 for a period of three years.

Most  modern  programming   languages  provide  special  features  for
detecting and managing unexpected events, in the form of exception and
interrupt handling primitives.  Despite their importance, the issue of
provable  correctness  for   programs  involving  these  features  has
received  little  attention, but  is  particularly  crucial given  the
difficulty of  writing correct programs  in this setting.  The  aim of
this project is to address this problem within the context of a modern
functional programming language such as Haskell and Epigram.

Applicants for this position will require a first-class Honours degree
(or   equivalent)  in  Computer   Science  and/or   Mathematics,  some
experience in functional programming, and an aptitude for mathematical
subjects.   Additional desirable  attributes  include a  higher degree
(e.g. Masters),  and/or some  experience in formal  semantics, program
verification, concurrency theory, or theorem provers.

The successful applicant will work  under the supervision of Dr Graham
Hutton  in  the Foundations  of  Programming  group  in Nottingham,  a
leading  centre   for  research  on  formal   approaches  to  software
construction  and  verification.   The  group  currently  comprises  7
academic staff, 5 research staff, and 13 PhD students.

The position is open to  UK and EU applicants, but particularly strong
candidates  from outside  the EU  may also  be considered,  subject to
additional funding being available.

Further details regarding  the position and how to apply are available
from Dr Graham Hutton, http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~gmh.

Closing date for applications: 15th June 2007

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