[Haskell] not-so-newbie question

Wolfgang De Meuter wdmeuter at vub.ac.be
Sun May 20 16:53:22 EDT 2007

Exactly what I mean. When you download and unpack the file you get a  
unix folder with install stuff. After trying to follow the  
installation instructions, it complains that I don't have a gcc on my  


On 20-mei-07, at 22:41, Tom Harper wrote:

> http://haskell.org/ghc/download_ghc_661.html#macosxppc
> On 5/20/07, Wolfgang De Meuter <wdmeuter at vub.ac.be> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I used to be a Gofer freak on my Mac back in the mid-nineties.
>> Recently I have regained interest in FP and I'm trying to get hold of
>> an implementation of Haskell on my G4. I must say that this hunt has
>> been quite frustrating until now. I don't know unix and I'm unwilling
>> to learn it just to install a Haskell interpreter. Apart from an old
>> GHC 6.4.2, *every* implementation that I have downloaded so far is
>> full of installation scripts,  and stuff like that.
>> Does anyone know of a site where I can download a simple MacOsX
>> binary application? Download&double-click is really the only thing I
>> want to do before starting to program in Haskell.
>> Cheers
>> Wolf
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