[Haskell] Integrated Formal Methods 2007: Call for participation

Jeremy.Gibbons at comlab.ox.ac.uk Jeremy.Gibbons at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 9 04:17:38 EDT 2007

                  IFM2007: INTEGRATED FORMAL METHODS
                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                         2nd to 5th July 2007
                    St Anne's College, Oxford, UK

The design and analysis of computing systems presents a significant
challenge: systems need to be understood at many different levels of
abstraction, and examined from many different perspectives. Formal
methods - languages, tools, and techniques with a sound, mathematical
basis - can be used to develop a thorough understanding, and to support
rigorous examination.

Further research into effective integration is required if these
methods are to have a significant impact outside academia. The IFM
series of conferences seeks to promote that research, to bring
together the researchers carrying it out, and to disseminate the
results of that research among the wider academic and industrial

This is the sixth IFM conference.  It will be held in the historic
university town of Oxford, at St Anne's College - one of the larger
colleges of the University, with excellent new conference
facilities. Oxford is easily reached from most UK cities, and is 70
minutes from the country's largest airport.  Earlier conferences in
the series were held at York (1999), Schloss Dagstuhl (2000), Turku
(2002), Kent (2004), and Eindhoven (2005).

The conference runs for three full days, 3rd to 5th July. Invited
speakers include Jifeng He on "UTP Semantics for Web Services" and
Daniel Jackson on "Recent Advances in Alloy"; a third invited speaker
is yet to be confirmed. There are 32 contributed papers, including a
special session on Unifying Theories of Programming. In addition,
there are four satellite events, taking place on 2nd and 3rd July -
three workshops:

  * Refinement Workshop
  * C/C++ Verification 
  * MeMoT (Methods, Models and Tools for Fault Tolerance) 

and a tutorial:

  * KeY (Integrating OO Design and Deductive Verification of Software)

The full programme is available at:


Registration for the conference is now open, at:


Special early-registration fees apply until 1st June 2007. 
For more information, visit the conference web page:


or contact the local organisers:

  Jim Davies        http://www.softeng.ox.ac.uk/Jim.Davies
  Jeremy Gibbons    http://www.softeng.ox.ac.uk/Jeremy.Gibbons

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