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               2007 Workshop on Scheme and
                 Functional Programming

             Freiburg, Germany --- 30 September 2007

The 2007 Scheme Workshop is a forum for discussing experience with and future
development of the Scheme programming language.  The scope of the workshop
includes all aspects of the design, implementation, theory, and application of
Scheme.  We encourage everyone interested in Scheme to participate.

This workshop forms part of the 2007 International Conference on Functional
Programming (ICFP) as an associated, ACM SIGPLAN sponsored event.

Topics of interest for technical papers include (but are not limited to):

Design.  Language critiques and extensions, concurrency and distribution,
      components and composition, language embedding, object systems, type
      systems, exception handling, syntactic abstraction, module systems and
      libraries, multiparadigm programming, scripting.

Implementation.  Compilers, interpreters, runtime systems, virtual machines,
      resource management, program analysis and transformation, partial
      evaluation, compile-time and run-time optimization, foreign function and
      operating system interfaces, embedded systems.

Development tools.  Profilers, tracers, debuggers, program development
      environments, program understanding tools, performance and conformance
      test suites.

Theory.  Formal semantics, correctness of analyses and transformations, lambda
      calculus, continuations, program verification.

Education.  Teaching Scheme, teaching with Scheme.

Topics of interest for experience papers include (but are not limited to):

Applications.  Domain-specific languages, graphical user interfaces, web
      programming, network applications, multimedia programming, systems
      programming, symbolic computing, large systems, use of Scheme as a
      scripting language.

Practice and experience.  Experience with Scheme in education and industry.

Scheme pearls.  Elegant, instructive uses of Scheme.

Experience papers need not necessarily report original research results; they
may instead report practical experience that will be useful to others,
re-usable programming idioms, or elegant new ways of approaching a problem.
The key criterion for such a paper is that it makes a contribution from which
other practitioners can benefit.  It is not enough simply to describe a

System Demonstrations.  Authors of both technical and experience papers are
invited to describe, in an appendix, proposals for system demonstrations to be
given during the workshop.

Panel Discussions.  We also invite proposals for panel discussions on topics of
interest to the Scheme community.  Authors of accepted proposals will give a
brief presentation on the topic and then moderate the discussion that follows.

For submission details, please see http://sfp2007.ift.ulaval.ca/.

Program committee
John Clements (Cal Poly)
Danny Dubé, chairman (Laval University)
Martin Gasbichler (Zühlke Engineering)
Aubrey Jaffer (ClearMethods Inc.)
Christian Queinnec (University Paris 6)
Chung-chieh Shan (Rutgers University)

                               Steering committee
                               William D. Clinger (Northeastern University)
                               Marc Feeley (University of Montréal)
                               Robby Findler (University of Chicago)
                               Dan Friedman (Indiana University)
                               Christian Queinnec (University Paris 6)
                               Manuel Serrano (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
                               Olin Shivers (Northeastern University)
                               Mitchell Wand (Northeastern University)

   Submission deadline    June 22, 2007
   Author notification    August 3, 2007
   Final paper due        September 7, 2007
   Workshop               September 30, 2007

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