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Taillefer, Troy (EXP) troy.taillefer at lmco.com
Wed May 2 07:15:45 EDT 2007

These Haskell lists seems to have a problem of having to many elitist
pricks on it admittedly I am probably in this category as well so I will
help you guys and by eliminating one prick and remove myself from the
list good luck with the rest of them


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Taillefer, Troy (EXP) wrote:
> I really dislike Perl as a programming language but I have to strongly

> disagree about your statements about CPAN and the quality of its 
> contents.

Consider Sturgeon's Law: 90% of everything is crap.  It's true of CPAN,
too, which is only a stand in for any large collection of libraries.  We
don't gain anything from wrapping or reimplementing the crap, therefore,
if you like some particular library, you should ask for *that* library,
nor for more libraries in general.  no need to get all touchy-feely
about this.

> Perl is popular so it must have some merit.

So is Crack.  I still won't smoke it, though.

> I don't subscribe to the
> flawed reasoning that Perl Hackers just don't know any better or that 
> they are dumb, or intellectual inferior in some way.

Well, I didn't make that point in the mail you're replying to, but I
subscribe to it.  Perl *is* unadultered crap, it *is* a bad idea carried
to perfection, a shoddy language that teaches bad habits, rewards
stupidity and encourages you to attack every problem with the same blunt
old tool, the regex, and most Perl Hackers, those who voluntarily use it
to solve actual problem, *are* in fact dumb, don't want to know any
better and are resistant to education.  Perl is in every way the
opposite of Haskell, and I happen to like Haskell.  Imitating Perl is
even worse than imitating C++.

...but I don't even wan't to discuss this, neither in private nor on a
mailing list.  If you want to argue, ask Google for Erik Naggum; nothing
more needs to be said about it.

> ... I am pro choice.

And I *choose* to belittle Perl Hackers as much as I want.  If that
stops anyone from using Perl, it's their *choice*.  And you can *choose*
to hate me for belittling you, jackass.

Political Correctness is even more misguided than Perl.

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