[Haskell] Cabal, Haddock, and the location of documentation

John Lask jvlask at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 14 19:45:01 EDT 2007

It requires a patch to cabal. I have such a patch. the patch provides an 
aditional config parameter which will allow you to configure the 
documentation directory but in absence of any setting will default to old 

the patch is very rough


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> Hi,
> probably a PEBCAK, but working on updating all our Haskell-related
> OpenBSD ports, I've currently the problem, that, e.g. for Crypto
> the Haddock-generated documentation doesn't gets installed where I
> want it installed ;-)
> The default obviously is something like 
> $prefix/share/Crypto-$VERSION/doc/html,
> but I want $prefix/share/doc/Crypto-$VERSION, or, even preferrable, just
> $prefix/share/doc/Crypto. That's:
> - $prefix/share/doc as base directory for all documentation, since
>  that's the default on OpenBSD.
> - no html subdirectory if not strictly necessary, because I don't like a
>  doc directory containing nothing but a html directory.
> - no version number in the directory name, because typically we don't
>  have different versions of the same software installed at the
>  same time -- there are exceptions from this rule, but I really
>  don't plan to start maintaining several versions of one ore more
>  Haskell packages ;-)
> Is this configurable at Cabal/Haddock runtime? I'd try to play
> with --datadir, but this appears a little bit dangerous as a general
> approach, since some packages my actually come with real data, which
> should *not* go into $prefix/share/doc, of course.
> Or do I have to patch Cabal? If so, what about adding just another
> FilePath like docdir to Distribution.SimpleLocalBuildInfo and use
> it for the documentation?
> Ciao,
> Kili
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