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I recently re-ran most of the benchmarks after we changed the following:

A couple of things I changed recently on the shootout are:

1.  I reran the various tests using higher 'N' values to force more work to be done.
2.  I upgraded to the most recent GHC avaliable through Debian.
3.  I don't recall which test was changed to its less-efficient counterpart, but as I recall this was due to some sniping that the lazy analysis was avoiding doing some of the work.  After comparing the tests, we ended up agreeing and the Haskell implementation was modified.

Let me know if you have any updates or revisions you would like us to apply.



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(It was Simon Marlow actually, but we are joined at the hip so it hardly matters)

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| > It is ironic that just after SPJ disclosed Comments from Brent
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| > Haskell and the shootout the situation has radically changed for
| > the worse.
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