[Haskell] HNOP Status

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Fri Jan 5 04:04:19 EST 2007

For code designed not to do anything, HNOP has high hopes. I have 
recently split the project into two Cabal packages: "nop", a library of 
no-op services, and "hnop", a program that uses nop to do nothing. Both 
packages can be found in this repository:

   darcs get http://semantic.org/hnop/

First and foremost the two packages are intended to be templates for 
Cabal projects, so I'm interested in making them as canonical and "best 
practices" as possible. I'm not so interested in showing off clever 
Haskell programming idioms for doing nothing, unless there's some 
expository benefit relating to the Cabal or Haddock infrastructure.

For instance, in the nop package, "runhaskell Setup test" works. It runs 
"make" in the "test" directory, which compiles a program and runs it, 
and then diffs it against reference output. But should I be using 
QuickCheck or something here? Is there some well-known or Cabal-approved 
way to run tests on a package?

Please send me patches licensed under the simple permissive license in 
the LICENSE files if you have any improvements. Or I can move this to 
darcs.haskell.org if it's appropriate.

Ashley Yakeley
Seattle, WA

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