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Jan-Willem Maessen Janwillem.Maessen at sun.com
Tue Feb 20 09:58:05 EST 2007

On Feb 19, 2007, at 4:17 PM, Gottfried F. Zojer wrote:

> Hallo to all,
> Just curious after reading a posting on the internet.
> Is somebody using Fortress in combination with Haskell ( GHC) in a  
> parallel setup.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortress_programming_language

Not to my knowledge.  The Fortress implementation is still at the  
prototype stage; the prototype runs on the JVM, and JVM/Haskell  
interoperability is known to be a bit tricky.  In general there are  
substantial challenges to integrating two languages with independent  
garbage-collected run time systems.  Add in independent notions of  
transactional memory, rather different thread scheduling models, and  
so forth and the problem becomes trickier still.

That said, there is certainly at least one Haskell programmer writing  
Fortress code (I wrote much of the library and some of the code  
examples in the language implementation).  We've certainly looked to  
the FP community for inspiration in many aspects of the language.  My  
favorite example: Fortress generators are essentially build forms for  
algebras in the Boom hierarchy, and we're effectively doing library- 
driven foldr/build elimination (except in this algebra it's map- 
reduce/build instead).

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