[Haskell] problem with hs-plugins 1.1 on Windows: _WaitForSingleObject

Conal Elliott conal at conal.net
Mon Dec 17 14:08:07 EST 2007

I compiled a fresh darcs-get of the latest hs-plugins (through patch 209).
it all compiles fine, but the tests die with complaints like this one:

    +c:/ghc/ghc-\base- unknown
symbol `_WaitForSingleObject'
    +Main.exe: user error (resolvedObjs failed.)

Other unknown symbols:

directory- unknown symbol `_GetTempPathA'
process- unknown symbol `_CloseHandle'

One other error:

    +Main.exe: unloadObj: can't find `c:/ghc/ghc-\old-
locale-' to unload
    +Main.exe: user error (unloadObj: failed)

Any suggestions?

Thanks,  - Conal
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