[Haskell] REMINDER: HC&A Report (December 2007 edition)

Andres Loeh hcar at haskell.org
Tue Dec 4 05:18:06 EST 2007

Dear Haskellers,

the deadline for the December 2007 edition of the Haskell Communities
and Activities Report is only a few days away. If you haven't already,
please write an entry for your new project, or update your old entry.

Until now, I have about 30 reactions. This is okay compared to the
development of previous editions, but not enough given the number of
announcements on this list during the past months. Also, many regular
contributors haven't yet submitted their entries. Please do!

The deadline is Friday,

   7 December 2007.

If you absolutely cannot make it by Friday, I may be able to give a
few days extension on an individual basis. Please contact me if you
have any questions.

Please mail your entries to <hcar at haskell dot org>, in plain text
or pseudo-(La)TeX format. More information can be found in the
original Call for Contributions at


I look forward to receiving your contributions.

Thanks a lot,

  Andres (current editor)

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