[Haskell] Quantified class constraints (& back-chaining)

Conal Elliott conal at conal.net
Wed Aug 1 20:29:19 EDT 2007

I'm developing a type constructor class and want the constraint forall a.
Monoid (m a) (where m :: * -> *), which is neither legal Haskell, nor
supported by GHC.

As a work-around, I used the first encoding suggested in "Simulating
Quantified Class Constraints" (Valery Trifonov, Haskell Workshop '03).  Add
a type class

    class Monoid_f m where
      mempty_f  :: forall a. m a
      mappend_f :: forall a. m a -> m a -> m a

and an instance *schema*

    -- instance Monoid_f f where { mempty_f = mempty ; mappend_f = mappend }

to instantiate manually wherever necessary. For instance,

    instance Monoid_f [] where { mempty_f = mempty ; mappend_f = mappend }

The paper's second approach is to replace the schema and multiple
instantiations with a single instance.

    instance Monoid_f f => Monoid (f a) where
      { mempty = mempty_f ; mappend = mappend_f }

As the paper points out,

Unfortunately, due to the type variable f in the head of the instance type,
> this declaration is not in Haskell 98; however, at least two implementations
> support extensions allowing such declarations.

Sadly, this solution runs into the problem of instance selection based only
on head-matching, not back-chaining into constraints.  For instance, I'd
like also to use the following "conflicting" declaration.

    instance (Applicative f, Monoid a) => Monoid (f a) where
      mempty  = pure mempty
      mappend = liftA2 mappend

What's the state of thinking & doing with regard to universally quantified
class constraints?

Note that hereditary Harrop formulas do include universally quantified
goals.  Less ambitiously, I think GHC's type-checker already deals with
universally-quantified variables, so perhaps quantified constraints are not
a great reach (just guessing).

  Cheers,  - Conal
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