[Haskell] Re: Newbie: what are the advantages of Haskell?

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Apr 28 02:41:53 EDT 2007

>    On Fri, 2007-27-04 at 15:37 -0400, Taillefer, Troy (EXP)
>    wrote:
> I really enjoy Functional programming (at least until I try to do
> something serious then frustration sets in). I can't produce software
> in a timely and cost effective fashion without a large body of high
> quality, documented and maintained libraries.
> I get the feeling that Haskell is for researchers to explore ideas ab
> out programming in but no one is interested in doing The grind work of
> cranking out useful basic libraries.  I guess you need borrow some of
> those Java Chimps :).
> Am I the only person on the list that feels this way ?

This is why we have:

    * hackage.haskell.org, a centralised library repository, with
      documentation and src. note that around 15 new libs are appearing
      each week!

    * libraries at haskell.org, for discussing improvements and extensions

    * haskell.org/cabal, to ease building new libraries

Feel free to help out!

-- Don

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