[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: ParseP library 0.1

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Apr 11 19:34:15 EDT 2007

> Hi,
> Mostly for fun, and to see how well it would work, I made a 
> generalized/improved variant of the ReadP parser library.
> Unlike ReadP ParseP can handle any type of token, and actually generates 
> error messages in case something goes wrong. It is also possible to use 
> things other then a list as an input stream, for example ByteStrings.
> In addition to the unbiased choice provided by ReadP, and a 'greedy' 
> choice operator similar to the behavior of Parsec (when using try), 
> there is also what I call a 'soft biased' choice. This operator prefers 
> the left alternative, but not if it leads to parse errors later on. For 
> example
>  > runParser ((lit 'a' <<|> return ()) >> lit 'a') "a"
> will not lead to errors, while it would be an error with other biased 
> choice operators.
> An obvious advantage of ParseP over Parsec is that you don't have to 
> mess with 'try'. Also, all alternatives are parsed in parallel, so no 
> backtracking is needed. But I have no idea how the performance would 
> compare in practice.
> Also, I am not to happy about the name, does anyone has any other 
> suggestions?
> Homepage: http://twan.home.fmf.nl/parsep/
> Source:   darcs get http://twan.home.fmf.nl/repos/parsep
> Haddock:  http://twan.home.fmf.nl/parsep/doc/html/
> Twan

Can you upload a tarball of the tagged darcs repo to hackage?


-- Don

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