[Haskell] ANN: HAppS version 0.8.2

Einar Karttunen einar at vo.com
Mon Sep 25 18:17:11 EDT 2006

We are pleased to announce HAppS -- Haskell Application Server version 0.8.2.

HAppS is a Haskell web application server for building industrial strength
Internet applications safely, quickly, and easily. With HAppS you focus
entirely on application functionality implemented in your favorite language
and you don't have to worry about making sure all sorts of server subsystems
are functioning properly.

This release has the following highlights:

* Switch to BSD3 license.
* Support for new ByteString.
* Support GHC 6.6 (using the HAppS.cabal.ghc66)
* Good support for cookies.
* Revise HAppS.DNS and make it easier to access from the outside.
* Much faster URI parsing.
* Many internal changes to HTTP and Saver implementations.
* Add new examples: cookie, dns, http.

HAppS can be obtained from http://happs.org/ or directly from:

* http://happs.org/auto/HAppS-0.8.2.tar.gz
* darcs get --partial --tag=HAppS-0.8.2  http://happs.org/HAppS

Einar Karttunen, Alex Jacobson, David Himmelstrup

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