[Haskell] Pajama & Eros; collaborators sought

Conal Elliott conal at conal.net
Mon Sep 11 19:26:48 EDT 2006

I'm looking for collaborators on two projects, as described below.

The first project is Pajama, which is a re-implementation of the Pan
language and optimizing compiler for image synthesis and manipulation (
http://conal.net/Pan).  The Pajama home page is http://conal.net/Pajama, and
a new wiki is at http://pajama.conal.net.  Pan's use was very limited,
because it generated C++ code, ran only on Windows, and depended on
Microsoft Visual C++ and a long-obsolete GUI library.  In contrast, Pajama
generates Java code and therefore runs on several platforms.
Pajama-compiled effects don't run quite as fast as Pan-compiled ones, but I
believe they run much faster than other functional image implementations.
Besides these implementation issues, Pajama also provides a richer approach
to spatial interaction and a more general notion of spatial transformation.

The second project is Eros and is described in a draft paper (
http://conal.net/papers/Eros).  Eros is a prototype system for end-user
construction of parameterized computational content. In other words, it is a
way to create programs but with the feel of interacting with the running
programs. The central idea is that of tangible values, which are values
(often functions) combined with user interfaces.  I'd particularly love help
getting this system to a genuinely user-friendly state and perhaps connect
it with Pajama's code generator, to produce web content.

If you're interested/curious in Pan or Pajama or other collaborations,
please email me and/or grab me next week at HW or ICFP.  Questions &
comments also welcome.


  - Conal
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