[Haskell] How do I get a recent cabal for Windows?

Andreas Marth Andreas-Haskell at gmx.net
Fri Sep 8 04:41:22 EDT 2006


I just tried to install cabal-1.1.4 under Windows (Windows 2000
I downloaded the tar from the cabal page
unpacked it in a directory
did "runghc Setup.lhs configure" (It didn't find haddock, happy, alex and
ccphs but didn't complain),
did "runghc Setup.lhs build" (It skipped a lot of Distribution.[...] but
created dist\build\libHSCabal-1.1.4.a)
so I went on and did runghc "Setup.lhs install".
And it build "C:\Programme\Cabal\Cabal-1.1.4/HSCabal-1.1.4.o", saved the old
package config file and wrote the new one. So everything seemed fine.
Unfortunatley I get a ghc crash when I try to use the new Cabal with any
So does anybody know why and what to do about it?


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