[Haskell] ANN: MissingH 0.16.3

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Tue Nov 28 15:14:15 EST 2006


I am happy to annouce the release of MissingH 0.16.3.

The changes in this version include:

  * New module MissingH.ProgressTracker which tracks the progress
    of long-running tasks.  It can also give estimated time to
    and overall speed statistics, as well as support dividing a task
    into many subtasks.
  * New module MissingH.ProgressMeter which displays one or more
    ProgressTrackers as a status bar on a console.
  * New module MissingH.Quantity which renders numbers according
    to a quantification system such as SI or binary
  * New functions forkRawSystem and pOpen3Raw in MissingH.Cmd.
    of taking functions to run as actions, instead returns the PID
    of the child process and leaves it up to the programmer to
    handle the result.

As usual, you may download it from http://quux.org/devel/missingh

This will be the last release of MissingH as we know it.  See the
discussion in -cafe for details.

The next release will feature major modules split off, and the start
of the effort to integrate smaller features into the base Haskell
libraries.  It will likely also have a new name.

-- John

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