[Haskell] Ranged Sets version 0.0.3

Paul Johnson paul at cogito.org.uk
Wed Nov 22 18:08:44 EST 2006

The Ranged Sets library version 0.0.3 is now available, after a long hiatus.

The CVS version on Sourceforge is now no longer used.  Instead you can 
find a Darcs repository at http://ranged-sets.sourceforge.net/Ranged/

 From the Changes.txt file:

Version 0.0.3

Removed support for infinite sets.  They sometimes still work, but generally
are more trouble than they are worth.  There is no simple set of rules for
client applications to guarantee termination.

Replaced the "deriving" clause for the Range type with instance 
Empty ranges created with different bounds will now test as equal.  All
empty ranges now compare as less than all non-empty ranges.  "show" returns
a string such as "3.5 < x <= 4.6", or "x < 23".

Removed "maybeRange".

Changed "rangeIntersection" to return a "Range" instead of a "Maybe Range".
If the intersection is empty then it returns an empty range instead of

Renamed "rangeEmpty" to "rangeIsEmpty" for consistency with "rSetIsEmpty"

Added "emptyRange" and "fullRange"

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