[Haskell] The Cell processor and Haskell

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apply here (and remember to use GHC as a test case;-):


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> Hi all
> It is often claimed that Haskell's referential transparency would make
> it an excellent choice for a high-level parallel language. Furthermore,
> IBM, Sony, and Toshiba's Cell processor is in great need of a high-level
> parallel language. Thus, they seem to be a perfect match.
> See http://www.research.ibm.com/cell/ and
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_processor for more about the Cell
> processor.
> My knowledge of parallel programming is limited, but I would still like
> to know, what the wiser amongst of us, thinks of making a Haskell
> compiler for the Cell processor. It is not that I consider implementing
> one. It is just that I am curious.
> Is the Cell processor better suited, as a target for a parallel Haskell
> compiler than Intel, AMD, and Sun's multicore approaches? What I am
> asking here is, if it is easier to make use of the Cell's closely
> coupled but limited SPEs or it is easier to make use of the loosely
> couple but full-featured parallelism of multicore approaches.
> Is it realistic to think that a Haskell compiler targeting the Cell
> processor, could make use of it's parallelism without requiring huge
> changes to the source code of ones already existing meant-for-GHC
> programs?
> /Mads Lindstrøm
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