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                             CUFP 2006
             "Functional programming as a means, not an end"

                         Portland, Oregon, USA
                         September 21st 2006
                         Co-located with ICFP

Functional languages have been under academic development for over 25  
and are still proving to be very fertile ground for programming language
research. Consequently, most of the development focus of these languages
is driven by academic and theoretical questions. More recently, however,
functional languages have been very successfully used in commercial,
industrial, and government settings, as well as in the open-source  
In these settings, the advantages of functional languages have provided
dramatic leverage.

The goal of CUFP is to act as a voice for commercial users of functional
programming languages and technology. It aims to help functional  
become increasingly viable as a technology for use in the commercial,
industrial, governmental, and open-source space by providing a forum
for FP professionals to share their experiences and ideas, whether  
management or engineering. It also aims to enable the formation and
strengthening of relationships and alliances that further the commercial
use of functional languages. Providing user feedback to language  
and implementors is not a primary goal of the workshop, though it
will be welcome if it occurs.

Program plans

The meeting will last a full day, with a mix of invited and submitted
presentations, plus discussion sessions.

Topics will range over a wide area, including:

     * Case studies both of successful and unsuccessful uses of
       functional programming;
     * Business opportunities and risks from using functional languages;
     * Enablers for functional language use in a commercial setting;
     * Barriers to the adoption of functional languages, and
     * Mitigation strategies for overcoming limitations of FP.

There will be no published proceedings, as the meeting is intended to be
more a discussion forum than a technical interchange.

See http://www.galois.com/cufp/ for more information, including last  
schedule and a report describing a previous CUFP workshop. This  
year's schedule
will also be available there soon.


Submissions by prospective speakers or suggestions for speakers are  
Just send an e-mail to kfisher at research.att.com with an outline of  
what you'd like
to talk about or what you think your suggestee should give a talk about.

Program Committee
Andy Adams-Moran. adams-moran at galois.com (Co-Chair)
Mike Ashley. mashley at beckman.com
Matthias Felleisen. matthias at ccs.neu.edu
Kathleen Fisher. kfisher at research.att.com (Chair)
Jim Grundy. jim_grundy at ichips.intel.com
John Hughes. rjmh at cs.chalmers.se
Stephen Weeks. sweeks at sweeks.com
Ulf Wiger. ulf.wiger at ericsson.com 
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