[Haskell] Would you like a job working on GHC?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Fri Jun 9 03:45:05 EDT 2006

		Would you like to be paid to work on GHC?

The Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) is now being used by so many people,
on so many platforms, that at GHC HQ we've been struggling to keep up.
We're delighted to say that we are now looking to hire a GHC support
engineer to work with us.

Here is how we envisage working together:
* You would work 3-5 days a week on GHC (details flexible).
* You don't need to live in Cambridge, but we would like you to visit
  every few months, so that we build up a face-to-face relationship.
* You'll be a self-employed consultant, not a Microsoft employee.
   You bill us; we pay you.
* The position is a one year fixed term contract in the first instance.
* GHC is, and will remain, an open-source project with a BSD-style

We are looking for help with the role of supporting GHC in the field.
Specifically, here's what the job involves:
* Investigating, prioritising and fixing bugs, improving the test suite
* Managing the STABLE branch of the source tree
* Managing the GHC release cycle
* Keeping the GHC web site up to date
* Answering questions from GHC users
* Helping to support the open-source community that works on GHC itself

We're particularly looking for someone who is experienced in a variety
of operating system platforms and libraries. You should be able to deal
with questions like "I try to build GHC on Solaris 2.3.4 and get
`undefined symbol _readline'"; or "How do I link to DLLs on Windows?";
or "does the ByteString library in GHC 6.2.1 do XXX?".  The role will
not primarily involve working on GHC's core; it's the parts round the
edges that you would mainly focus on.  You must be able to read and
write Haskell, but we don't expect that you'll need to write a great
deal of Haskell code.  C and 'make' experience are important too.

Above all, we are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about Haskell,
and fired up about the prospect of becoming a GHC expert.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a statement of why you
would be a good fit for the job, to our Human Resources Department at
camjobop at microsoft.com   We're happy to accept informal enquiries of
course: please contact Simon Marlow (simonmar at microsoft.com) or Simon
Peyton Jones (simonpj at microsoft.com) for further information. 

The rate of pay is dependent on qualifications and experience.  It'll be

Simon Peyton Jones and Simon Marlow

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