[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Edison 1.2

Robert Dockins robdockins at fastmail.fm
Sat Jun 3 13:54:11 EDT 2006

Fellow Haskellers,

I am pleased to announce the final, stable release of Edison 1.2.  Edison is a 
library of efficient, purely-functional data structures for Haskell.  Many 
thanks to all of you who helped with your comments and suggestions during the 
release candidate phase!

Edison 1.2 represents the first major release of Edison in several years and 
my first release as maintainer.  The following list highlights major changes 
since the 1.1 release:

    * Typeclasses updated to use functional dependencies
    * Several new implementations
    * Modules renamed to use the hierarchical module extension
    * Documentation haddockized
    * Source moved to a darcs repository
    * Build system cabalized
    * Unit tests integrated into a single driver program which exercises all 
the concrete implementations shipped with Edison

The project homepage is located at:


API documentation is avaliable at:


And the main source distribution may be downloaded from:


Distribution package maintainers may be interested in the following 
split-source distributions:


I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in 
making Edison better.  The following list represents the things that Edison 
currently most needs.  If you are interested in helping, please let me know!

   *  Additional implementations.  Edison currently has a fairly large 
collection of sequence implementations, but few collection or associated 
collection implementations.

   *  Benchmarking suite.  Edison needs a comprehensive benchmarking suite to 
allow objective comparison of different data structure implementations on 
various workloads. (perhaps the Auburn project could be revived?)

   *  Documentation.  The API is extensively documented, but the individual 
implementations are rather sparsly documented.  Also, only sequences 
currently have time complexity data.

   *  Users! Your experiences help me know how to improve Edison. If you 
decide to use or experiment with Edison, consider droping me an email to let 
me know what you like and don't like about Edison.  After all, the squeaky 
wheel gets the grease!

Rob Dockins

Talk softly and drive a Sherman tank.
Laugh hard, it's a long way to the bank.
       -- TMBG

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