[Haskell] Discrete event simulation

John Hughes john.hughes at swipnet.se
Fri Jan 27 02:41:18 EST 2006

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>> Part of this will be some kind of synchronisation primitive.  I don't 
>> much care what it is, but somewhere I need a way to make a process wait 
>> until something happens rather than just a constant time.
> Paul, what you have described sounds like a reactive system. Have you 
> looked into AFRP/Yampa? Although it is based on a continuous time model 
> simulation, it might just work for your scenario nicely. jake

There's a Yampa-like arrow for DES described in my notes at the AFP Summer 
School 2004.
It's a small example, not optimised at all, but might still be useful. 
Unlike Yampa, time is discrete
and arrows compute only when there is something for them to do.


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