[Haskell] Switch to MediaWiki

John Peterson peterson-john at cs.yale.edu
Wed Jan 25 23:25:41 EST 2006

We have finally finished moving nearly all of the top level
haskell.org content over to the new wiki.  Sometime soon switch to the
new pages will happen.  But meanwhile, there's a lot of work to do in
the new wiki.

Many of the pages on the old site were very out of date.  The wiki
pages are just as out of date, but at least you can fix them easily.

The Links to Haskell people and projects is in pretty sad shape - a lot of
people have moved and the links point many dead web pages.  If you're
listed, please check that your link is up to date.  Even better, make
yourself little user page in the wiki (every login has an associated
user page), direct the link to that, and then you can throw your links
and maybe a very short Haskell bio there.  If you're not on the list
just add yourself - we're not fussy.  If there are links to group
pages or companies missing you can add those.

The Haskell in Education page is pretty outdated.  It hasn't been seen to
for a long time.  I think that there's no longer much need to have a
thumbnail sketch of each class at haskell.org but a link to your class
homepage would be nice.  You can always add a wiki page for your class
and place information there.  I expect this page will reorganize soon
but if you get a link on it we'll make sure it stays on the site.

Pages on jobs and consultants seem to be a bit out of date too -
please edit as needed.

The overall organization of the front page is definitely up for grabs
- I believe there are too many links and we could simplify this.  Be
bold in your edits.

Anyone with a good sense of style is welcome to add some MediaWiki
templates to make things more interesting.  We killed off most of the
tables in the transition - some more tables would certainly help
organize the site.  And if you want to do some new logos, go for it.

The old wiki will stay around - we have no intention of turning it
off.  However, I find the new wiki much nicer and hope that people
will willingly migrate to the new one.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this, especially Ashley who did
most of the hard work.  I believe that haskell.org will stay much more
current now.  Olaf and I certainly won't miss getting email messages
about broken links or new libraries.

The new wiki is at http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/ - go have fun with
it.  I don't know when we'll make the switch but it will be soon.  We
most definitely will not be requiring that other haskell.org pages
move to the wiki or change the url of anything currently hosted there.


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