[Haskell] Scripting language: is Haskell a good choice?

Jules Jacobs julesjacobs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 16:29:48 EST 2006


I would like to create a scripting language, similar to Ruby, Perl and
Python. Pugs, written in Haskell, is a Perl6 implementation. Is Haskell a
good choice for me? I have no experience with Haskell (yet), but I like the
concept of functional programming. Because Haskell will probably be too slow
for the final implementation, I will have to rewrite it in C or maybe D.
Haskell can be very useful as a test/prototype implementation, where speed
is not very important. But will I be able to create a clean, and easy to
understand implementation in Haskell? The scripting language will be object
oriented, and imperative. Is that a problem because Haskell is functional,
or is there be an obvious and nice way to implement an imperative scripting

The language is very dynamic, and the source-tree needs to be in memory
because it is modifiable at run-time.

Would it be good to do this in Haskell, and port it to C if I like the
implementation, or start in C? Keep the parser/lexer for the source code in
Haskell, but port only the interpreter to C?

What would be a good place to start? I am reading Yet Another Haskell
tutorial, and I've read the first 6 of two dozen lessons in Haskell. What to
do next, practice/read more/start with the implementation of the scripting

Thanks in advance,

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