[Haskell] Re: [Template-haskell] new TH tutorial (request for comments)

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at imn.htwk-leipzig.de
Tue Jan 24 09:31:30 EST 2006

Dear Bulat and Johan, thanks for your comments and pointers.

Johan Jeuring wrote:

> This won't be of much help right now, but Ralf Hinze, Andres Loh and I
> are preparing lecture notes on Comparing approaches to generic
> programming for the Spring School on Datatype-Generic Programming 2006..

Sounds like that will be the paper that I want.

Meanwhile (and independently), I wrote down some notes:

I'd be glad if this would turn into something useful,
so please feel free to comment, and to use it
(and I don't care too much about the venue of publication,
so it can be wiki-ized or whatever).

Best regards,
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