[Haskell] Re: Re[2]: [Template-haskell] new TH tutorial (request for comments)

Johan Jeuring johanj at cs.uu.nl
Mon Jan 23 08:33:32 EST 2006

> JW> I'd like to read some overview and comparison on "second-level
> JW> programming" in Haskell (and if there is none, I'm willing to  
> contribute):

This won't be of much help right now, but Ralf Hinze, Andres Loh and  
I are preparing lecture notes on Comparing approaches to generic  
programming for the Spring School on Datatype-Generic Programming  
2006, to be held in Nottingham, April 2006, see


We intend to write an overview that would hopefully address some of  
the questions you have. If you're interested I can probably send you  
a preliminary version earlier (by the end of March).

-- Johan

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