[Haskell] Modelling languages for FP (like UML for OO)

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Thu Jan 19 08:47:13 EST 2006

 Philippa Cowderoy and Mads Lindstrom wrote:
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On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, Mads [ISO-8859-1] Lindstrøm wrote:

> Hi all
> In object-oriented programming, UML is used to model programs. In
> functional programming (especially Haskell) we use ???

Haskell :-)

> I am mainly interested in the macro level. That is modules, classes,
> class instances, ... Not in modellering the internals of a function.

I tend to just write the equivalent haskell code with the function
definitions left out. I suspect the only thing that can really be gained
with a more graphical language is drawing dependancy lines between
modules and the like - though I was never big on the formalised modelling
languages in the first place, so I may not be the best person to conclude
I do not wish to take away anything from Philippa's reply, but I do wish to
toot my own project.  Dr. Perry Alexander and myself are in the final stages
of moving a Systems Level Design Language (SLDL) to standardization.  It is
called Rosetta, and is suited to the kind of modeling you are referring to
(among other things).  It is logic based rather than lamda calculus based,
but the "execution subset" that is coming to be a kind of defacto standard
(as opposed to the standard itself) is pretty much Haskell --- the CADSTONE
product is called R-Haskell, as it translates that subset directly into

More information may be found at http://www.sldl.org

And, by the way, we at EDAptive Computing are looking for someone to work on
our own Rosetta projects, particularly with direct experience with theorem
provers and model checkers --- using as much as designing and implementing.
If anyone is interested, or has any questions about Rosetta, by all means
drop me a line.

Dave Barton
EDAptive Computing 

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