[Haskell] Re: haskell.org Public Domain

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Wed Jan 11 19:14:35 EST 2006

Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:

> * One license for the Wiki.  If a contributor wants to put up material
> with a different license, then link to it as Udo suggested.  (This also
> makes it clear that the link is to material that is not to be edited by
> others, whereas by definition the entire Wiki actively solicits editing
> by others.)
> * That license should be maximally permissive.  Anything viral defeats
> B(ii).  Preferably even more permissive than BSD (e.g. no obligation to
> display a copyright notice.  Who would the copyright notice be *to*?)
> I'm not fussy about the details.  Just some way of saying "You can do
> what you like with this material".

We won't be able to include the Haskell 98 Report on the wiki (which is 
intended to replace the entire haskell.org site) because it has a more 
restrictive license.

Ashley Yakeley

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