[Haskell] Re: New look for haskell.org: MediaWiki (now: Drupal)

Gour list at atmarama.org
Tue Jan 10 12:23:53 EST 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 17:09 +0000, Simon Marlow wrote:

> Personally I quite like the idea of using a CMS for haskell.org, but 
> there needs to be enough effort available to make it fly and keep it 
> flying, and I just don't see that yet.

That is very true, so let's stop taxing our brain with it ;)

> I really hate forums.  I don't think I'd keep up with forums if we had 
> them.  It takes 10 times longer to read a forum than a newsgroup, and 
> since our mailing lists are gated to newsgroups on www.gmane.org, there 
> doesn't seem to be a need for forums too.  

My (positive) experience with the forums is that e.g. I can quickly find
solution to the problem by searching Gentoo forums, while, otoh, I
unsubscribed long ago from Gentoo mailing lists (having too much
traffic), so I'm not keeping up with the forums either, but they provide
a nice archives for a faq & answers for common problems (e.g. sticky
posts etc.)

>  You can even read & post using a web browser (though it's a bit
>  primitive, I grant you).  Windows users have no trouble with
>  newsgroups, because you get a newsreader installed by default with
>  Windows XP (Outlook Express).  We should provide instructions for
>  accessing the mailing lists using a newsreader somewhere.

That's a good idea (although, personally, i switched off my newsgroups


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