[Haskell] Parsing bug in GHC 6.4.1 ?

Bruno Oliveira bruno.oliveira at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Sun Jan 8 10:09:05 EST 2006


The following class definition:

> class Foo o where
>     (:+) :: o -> o -> o

and even the following function definition:

> bar f (x,y) = x :+ y

are accepted by GHC. However, when I try to create 
one instance of Foo:

> instance Foo Int where
>     x :+ y = x + y

I get the following error message:

    Pattern bindings (except simple variables) not allowed in instance 
      x :+ y = x + y

The same error still occurs if I change the infix operator to be (:+:).
However, if I define:

> class Foo3 o where
>     (<+>) :: o -> o -> o

> instance Foo3 Int where
>     x <+> y = x + y

Everything works as expected.

The only explanation that I have is that this is a (parsing) bug in GHC...

This is probably related to the fact that

> (:+) :: Int -> Int -> Int 
> f :+ g = f + g

is an invalid definition (it complains that ":+" is not a data constructor).

I have not tried this code in other Haskell compiler (like Hugs) or even 
previous versions of GHC. I would be interested to know how do those



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