[Haskell] Haskell mailing list archive

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Thu Jan 5 04:00:10 EST 2006

Dear Haskellers

Does anyone have a complete archive of Haskell mailing list messages

	May 1998
	October 2000

On the latter date we moved to mailman, hosted at haskell.org, so there
are archives at haskell.org.  I have a complete archive up to May 1998,
courtesy of Thomas Johnsson.  (I guess I should put it on haskell.org
somewhere.)  But there's a gap where there seems to be nothing.

One reason for asking is that in 1998 there was a long debate about
Monad/MonadZero, which is a current topic on the the Haskell list.  We'd
be better informed if we had the old threads to look at.


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