[Haskell] Open source project idea

Craig Ugoretz craigugoretz at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 4 01:04:54 EST 2006


     My name is Craig Ugoretz.  For the past eight
months, I have been researching an approach to
programming a mathematical software application.  This
application will be based upon a collection of books
written by Dr. Florentin Smarandache on the subjects
of neutrosphic logic and neutrosophic cognitive maps. 
The applications of these new mathematical ideas are
to better model paradoxes and contradictions in
reasoning and the combined opinions of experts
regarding sociopolitical situations.  The books of
interest to me form a subset of the material found on
the website

     The reason that I have written this mailing list
is that I am looking for knowledgable Haskell
programmers to aid me in writing this software.  I
have yet to learn Haskell, although I did have some
success learning its "functional cousin", OCAML.  I
picked Haskell for this project because functional
programming languages model mathematics more easily,
and because I may have a need for computer algebra
functionality in the application - so the DoCon
Haskell library may be needed, if I understand its
purpose correctly. Additionally, if there are people
experienced with architecting Haskell programs or
managing a Haskell programming project, their help may
be invaluable as I finalize the research approach.

     The final software will be open source, meaning
that the binaries and source code will be freely
available to the public.  If you are interested in
participating in this effort, please let me know.  I
personally find functional programming and the
mathematics of neutrosophy to be most interesting, and
I derive value from the fact that this software could
be used for a purpose that would benefit society.  I
look forward to your response.  If you have concerns
about what I have written above, also please let me

                                         Craig Ugoretz
                                         craigugoretz at yahoo.com

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