[Haskell] Re: Compilation of big, static tables

Ben Rudiak-Gould Benjamin.Rudiak-Gould at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Feb 24 16:24:38 EST 2006

John Meacham wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 23, 2006 at 10:40:31AM +0000, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
>> What I would really like is a syntax to statically construct an array,
>> without having to compute it from a list.
> This is exactly what my ForeignData proposal on the haskell-prime wiki
> is meant to address  [...]
> though, I only have it specified for creating pointers to data, it
> wouldn't be much trickier to make it work for haskell unboxed arrays
> too (though, you can just make a StorableArray out of them easily as
> stands)

What about boxed arrays? A static Array of thunks makes as much sense to me 
as a static UArray of CInts. This doesn't really feel like an FFI feature. 
(Not that foreign data wouldn't be useful too.)

-- Ben

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