[Haskell] Datatype-generic programming 2006, registration now open

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Registration for DGP 2006 is now open. Please visit the web site for

        Spring School on Datatype-Generic Programming 
                University of Nottingham, UK
                     24-27 April 2006

************ Background and objectives ************ 

Generic programming is a thriving research area aimed at making
programming more effective by making it more general. This school aims
to give participants insights into the applications of
datatype-generic programming and the current research challenges in
the area. 

This school is a successor to the Summer School and Workshop on
Generic Programming, held in Oxford in August 2002 (lecture notes
appeared as volume 2793 of LNCS). 

************ Technical programme  ************ 

The lectures will be tutorial-style (as opposed to conference-style)
and will be accessible to beginning computing science postgraduates.

The scientific programme consists of six courses given by renowned
specialists, and a student session. The list of courses is the

* Thorsten Altenkirch (University of Nottingham):
  (in collaboration with Conor McBride and Peter Morris)
  Generic programming with dependent types

* Jeremy Gibbons (University of Oxford):
  Design Patterns as Higher-Order Datatype-Generic Programs
* Ralf Hinze (Universitat of Bonn):
  Generic Programming, Now!  
  (in collaboration with Andres Loeh)
* Johan Jeuring (Universiteit Utrecht):
  Comparing Approaches to Generic Programming 
  (in collaboration with Ralf Hinze and Andres Loeh)
* Ralf Laemmel (Microsoft)
  The next 700 traversal approaches

* Tim Sheard (Portland State University):
  Putting the Curry-Howard Isomorphism to work.

Copies of the draft lecture notes will be provided to all

The purpose of the student session is to give students an opportunity
to present their work and get feedback. Registrants are invited to
propose short talks (15-20 min). The selection will be based on
abstracts of 150-400 words.
************ Social programme ************ 

A conference dinner will be organised (attendance at which will be 
charged separately).

************ Co-location ************ 

The Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP 2006), and the
Conference of the Types Project (TYPES 2006) will be held in
Nottingham the week before this spring school.

************ Accommodation ************ 

Information about accommodation is available at the School's web site.

************ APPSEM ************ 

This is an APPSEM-affiliated event. APPSEM funds can be used to
support participants from APPSEM-affiliated sites.

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