[Haskell] Internships at Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 1 11:49:55 EST 2006

Internships are available at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, for this
summer.  More information is available here:


Internships are usually for graduate students (PhD or Masters) and last
12 weeks (although longer projects are also possible).  Furthermore,
although there is a deadline of *28 Feb* for the main batch of summer
internships, MSR is now taking interns year-round, a non-summer
internship may even be easier to arrange (because it misses the Big

The reason for this mail is to highlight the fact that Simon & I would
particularly like to encourage applicants interested in working on
Haskell-related projects.  We have a number of projects in mind, but
feel free to suggest your own:
  - Parallel garbage collection: to complement GHC's new support
    for SMP parallelism, replacing single-threaded garbage
    collection with parallel GC is a high priority goal, with
    plenty of interesting research too.

  - Parallel Haskell applications: investigate using SMP/multicore
    parallelism for real, either implicit parallelism or using
    concurrency & STM, by tackling some applications.

  - Haskell debugging in GHCi: we have some ideas for building a
    debugger into GHCi, there are some research angles here too.

  - GHC as a library: we have made a start on providing a library
    interface to GHC, but there is much left to do.  Re-targetting
    Haddock on top of GHC would make a good project, for example.

  - C-- code generation: we have a project student working on 
    C-- code gen, but there's a lot to do here.  The ultimate goal
    is to divide the code generator into two: first generate C--
    and then CPS-convert it into C-- with only tail calls, suitable
    for generating code using the existing paths (native code and
    via-C) too.

Let us know by email if you apply.  Good luck!

Simon Peyton Jones and Simon Marlow

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