[Haskell] Re: state of HaXml?

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 19:53:31 EST 2006


> of 'FilePath -> IO String'.  Dunno if this is a bug or a feature,
> since as far as the compiler is concerned, FilePath and String are the
> same type...

Consider it a bug. Hoogle currently doesn't support type aliases.
Version 4 will support them perfectly. As it turns out for type
searching aliases are not merely equal, consider:

String -> IO () -- putStr
FilePath -> IO () -- createDirectory

Here you'd like to get out different answers depend on your question,
but in both cases the other should appear in the results too, just a
little further down. This is what Hoogle 4 does in the development



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