[Haskell] state of HaXml?

Norman Ramsey nr at eecs.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 27 18:11:18 EST 2006

I have some XML things to take care of, and I had hoped to use
a nice functional language with combinators.  But I'm having
trouble getting HaXml to do anything useful.  Here is a program
that I wrote just to read in the XML and prettyprint it.
But it fails with an error message.  The 'expat' tool 'xmlwf'
claims the XML is well formed, and the XML was generated from
gpsbabel, a tool I trust to behave properly.  And yet:

  : nr at curlycoat 10429 ; xmlwf 2006-12-27-backup.gpx
  : nr at curlycoat 10430 ; $AWD/Main 2006-12-27-backup.gpx
  Main: Parse error: unexpected EOF

Here is Main.hs: 

  module Main where
  import qualified Text.XML.HaXml as X
  import qualified Text.XML.HaXml.Parse as XP
  import qualified Text.XML.HaXml.Pretty as XPP
  import qualified IO
  import qualified System

  load :: String -> IO X.Document
  load fn = do handle <- IO.openFile fn IO.ReadMode
               contents <- IO.hGetContents handle
               IO.hClose handle
               return $ XP.xmlParse fn contents

  main = do [xml] <- System.getArgs
            d <- load xml
            IO.putStrLn $ show $ XPP.document $ d

I'm using HaXml version 1.13.2-5 as distributed by Debian,
with GHC 6.6.

Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions?  Is there software I should
prefer to HaXml?  (I notice that HaXml does not understand XML Schema,
which I seem to be stuck with...)


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