[Haskell] Network accept loop with graceful shutdown implementation

Taral taralx at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 15:31:55 EST 2006

On 12/7/06, Chris Kuklewicz <haskell at list.mightyreason.com> wrote:
> Small clarification: You don't need a safepoint in your code. But "unblock
> yield" is the right code for a safepoint; the "unblock (return ())" suggested by
> the published paper *does not work* in my small test, while "unblock yield"
> worked every time in a small test.  Simon may updated the documentation
> eventually to reflect this.

I think people are misunderstanding the nature of a safepoint. The
safepoint is a point at which you are prepared to have exceptions
delivered. This does not mean that they *will* be delivered, just that
they can. If you need to *wait* for an asynchronous exception, then
you shouldn't be using them at all.

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