[Haskell] postdoc at Oxford

Oege de Moor oege at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Mon Nov 21 13:43:52 EST 2005

Samson Abramsky, Luke Ong, Tom Melham and myself have just founded the
"Centre for Metacomputation" at Oxford. We are looking for a 4-year senior
postdoc to help coordinate the activities:


Topics of interest include types for quotation, termination analysis, model
checking of higher-order programs, and games semantics for

Please bring this to the attention of anyone who might be interested;
naturally I'd be delighted to discuss the particulars on an informal basis,
especially with members of this list.

Many thanks,


Oege de Moor, DPhil
Professor of Computer Science
Fellow of Magdalen College
University of Oxford

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