[Haskell] Re: Making Haskell more open

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at jeltsch.net
Fri Nov 11 09:27:14 EST 2005

Am Freitag, 11. November 2005 12:22 schrieb Udo Stenzel:
> Seperation of article and discussion is a cultural, not a technical problem.

One thing I always disliked about the Haskell Wiki is that you often have a 
short "article" and then a lot of user comments.  What people searching for 
information on a certain topic mostly want is a consistent article describing 
the topic, not a text with a mix of pieces certain users threw in.

> [...]

> What HaWiki needs is not yet another wiki engine

I think, the discussion was not about basing the HaWiki on a different wiki 
engine but to create a new wiki which should be a replacement for the whole 
Haskell website.

> [...]

> Udo.

Best wishes,

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