[Haskell] Haskell users survey--please respond!

John Hughes john.hughes at swipnet.se
Wed Nov 9 09:13:35 EST 2005

>> I want to stress that I'm interested in responses from ALL users--if 
>> you're
>> a complete beginner writing your first Haskell programs on a course, I'd
>> like to know that, just as if you're one of the designers using it for
>> your next POPL article.
> Do you also want respones from people which once used Haskell as part of 
> an
> university course and maybe never used it again since then?  If yes, I 
> could
> forward the mail to students of our university.

I think it's too hard to try to reach former users reliably, and they would 
have little
incentive to answer, so I'm really just interested in those who use Haskell 
It's fine if students studying Haskell right now answer--all to the good, in 
and I can easily recognise their responses if I want to analyse just other 


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