[Haskell] Re: formal verification for functional programming languages

Srinivas Nedunuri nedunuri at cs.utexas.edu
Fri Nov 4 10:42:07 EST 2005

Are you familiar with Hoare and Misra's Verification Grand Challenge? Here 
are a couple of pointers to recent workshops


FWIW, I personally feel that transforming specifications into programs via 
synthesis or refinement or whatever is going to net you a better return than 
after the fact verification. That's just IMHO. Right now I'm looking at 
different possibilities for specification languages, and I feel that Haskell 
gets you 70-80% of the way there (I think that Hoare himself said something 
along those lines sometime back)


"Wolfgang Jeltsch" <wolfgang at jeltsch.net> wrote in message 
news:200511041213.04185.wolfgang at jeltsch.net...
> Hello,
> where can I find information about formal verification techniques and 
> tools
> for functional programming languages?  Both introductionary texts and 
> current
> research papers etc. are welcome.
> Best wishes,
> Wolfgang 

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