[Haskell] The next langauage definition version will be ``Haskell 1.6''

John Meacham john at repetae.net
Wed Nov 2 18:51:27 EST 2005

Long ago I determined I spent much more time deciding on the name of
projects and what I should call releases than working on code so I
decided to solve the issue once and for all and just started using a
random password generator to generate release versions and project
names. therefore, I suggest the next release of haskell be called one of 

   saticshicda sat-ic-shic-da
  adlibduebgi ad-lib-dueb-gi
  tekavwesgha tek-av-wes-gha
     nuidhaib nu-id-haib
  frovhicgixo frov-hic-gix-o
  scudhiolento scud-hi-ol-ent-o
        dorsh dorsh
        poluc pol-uc
        cilye cil-ye
    bliaktizo bliak-tiz-o
 dyshropveast dy-shrop-veast
      etpevof et-pev-of
         queo queo
   mehasixcyn me-has-ix-cyn
     webgexju web-gex-ju

Am I serious? perhaps not, but it actually is how I name my darcs tags
and projects without an obvious name. (if anyone was wondering where I
got my jhc tag names from) Perhaps I just dislike dogshed discussions
(even when taking place internally)


John Meacham - ⑆repetae.net⑆john⑈ 

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