[Haskell] No Pattern Guards

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Mon Mar 28 07:17:46 EST 2005

I posted a link to the following on the HaskellTwo
wiki page. Please comment.

I would like to suggest that PatternGuards NOT be included
in HaskellTwo.

While I enjoyed Simon Peyton Jones' well-written
note on pattern guards
very much, it was written a long time ago.
Today it is easy to recognize that the problem he
identifies is just the need for a monad, and that
his proposed solution is a new syntax for introducing
monadic calculations. The new syntax is messier and
less general than the existing "do".

Furthermore, the new syntax confuses the semantics of existing constructs.

Referring to Simon's principal example in his note,
here is one way to write "clunky" without PatternGuards:

 > clunky env var1 var2 = fromMaybe (var1 + var2) $ do
 >     val1 <- lookup env var1
 >     val2 <- lookup env var2
 >     return (val1 + val2)

Simple, clear, and scalable.


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