[Haskell] Unicode Source / Keyboard Layout

Antonio Regidor García a_regidor at yahoo.es
Tue Mar 22 23:23:25 EST 2005

> > De: Sven Moritz Hallberg <pesco at gmx.de>
> To make the fun complete, I think a few adjustments to the Haskell 
> grammar would be in order, so, guessing the relevant people read these 
> lists, may I suggest the following?
> 	1. In addition to the backslash, accept "mathematical * small lamda" 
> (U+1D6CC, U+1D706, U+1D740, U+1D77A, and U+1D7B4) for lambda 
> abstractions. Leave "greek small letter lamda" as a regular letter, so 
> the Greeks can write their native language.
> 	Did I forget anything?

8. Accept "element of" U+2208 instead of <- in list comprehensions?

Best regards,

Antonio Regidor García

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