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                   FroCoS 2005: SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS

 5th International Workshop on Frontiers of Combining Systems (FroCoS 2005)

                 Vienna, Austria, September 19-21, 2005 




In various areas of computer science, such as logic, computation,
program development and verification, artificial intelligence, and
automated reasoning, there is an obvious need for using specialized
formalisms and inference mechanisms for special tasks. In order to be
usable in practice, these specialized systems must be combined with
each other, and they must be integrated into general purpose
systems. The development of general techniques and methods for the
combination and integration of special formally defined systems, as
well as for the analysis and modularization of complex systems has
been initiated in many areas. The International Workshop on Frontiers
of Combining Systems (FroCoS) traditionally focuses on this type of
research questions and activities and aims at promoting progress in
the field. 

The previous FroCoS workshops were held in Munich (1996), Amsterdam
(1998), Nancy (2000) and Santa Margherita Ligure (2002). In 2004,
FroCoS joined IJCAR 2004, the 2nd International Joint Conference on
Automated Reasoning. Like its predecessors, FroCoS 2005 wants to offer
a common forum for research activities in the general area of
combination, modularization and integration of systems (with emphasis
on logic-based ones), and of their practical use.   


Typical topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

 * combination of logics (e.g., modal logics, logics in AI, ...);
 * combination of decision procedures, of satisfiability procedures,
   and of constraint solving techniques (e.g. unification and matching
   algorithms, general symbolic constraints, numerical constraints);  
 * combinations and modularity in term rewriting; 
 * integration of equational and other theories into deductive systems
   (e.g. theory resolution, constraint resolution, constraint
   paramodulation, ...);  
 * combination of deduction systems and computer algebra; 
 * integration of data structures (e.g., sets, multisets, lists) into 
   CLP formalisms and deduction processes;  
 * model/problem analysis and decomposition (e.g. isolating tractable
   or loosely connected sub-problems, global constraints design, etc.)
 * hybrid methods for deduction, resolution and constraint propagation
   (e.g., combinations of local and global, complete and propagation
 * hybrid systems in computational linguistics, knowledge
   representation, natural language semantics, and human computer
 * logical modelling of multi-agent systems;
 * logical aspects of combining and modularizing programs and


 * Silvio Ghilardi     (U Milano)
 * Fausto Giunchiglia  (U Trento & ITC-IRST)
 * Eric Monfroy        (U Nantes & UTFSM/Chile)


The programme committee seeks high-quality submissions that are
original and not submitted for publication elsewhere. Submission is
electronic in postscript or PDF format. Submitted papers must conform
to the Springer LNCS style, preferably using LaTeX2e and the Springer
llncs class files. Submission categories include full papers, for work
on foundations, applications, implementation techniques, and problem
sets (up to 15 pages), as well as system descriptions (up to 8 pages),
for describing publicly available systems. The submission deadline is
May 2, 2005 for titles and abstracts, and May 9, 2005 for papers. For
further information and submission instructions see the FroCoS 2005
web page: http://www.logic.at/frocos05/.   


Accepted papers will appear in the proceedings of the conference,
published as a volume of the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
(LNAI) series, Springer-Verlag. Proceedings will be available at the
time of the conference.  


 May     2, 2005: Deadline for electronic submission of abstract
 May     9, 2005: Deadline for electronic submission of papers
 June   20, 2005: Notification of acceptance/rejection
 Jul    11, 2005: Deadline for final versions of accepted papers
 Sep 19-21, 2005: Conference


 * Alessandro Armando	     (U Genova)
 * Franz Baader		     (TU Dresden)
 * Clark W. Barrett	     (NYU New York)
 * Frederic Benhamou	     (LINA, U Nantes)
 * Michel Bidoit	     (LSV, CNRS & ENS Cachan)
 * Jacques Calmet            (U Karlsruhe)
 * Juergen Giesl             (RWTH Aachen)
 * Bernhard Gramlich (chair) (TU Wien)
 * Deepak Kapur		     (UNM Albuquerque)
 * Maarten Marx              (U Amsterdam)
 * Joachim Niehren	     (INRIA Futurs, U Lille)
 * Christophe Ringeissen     (LORIA-INRIA Nancy)
 * Manfred Schmidt-Schauss   (U Frankfurt)
 * Cesare Tinelli            (U Iowa)
 * Ashish Tiwari             (SRI Menlo Park)
 * Frank Wolter		     (U Liverpool)


 * Aneta Binder
 * Bernhard Gramlich
 * Franziska Gusel
 * Gernot Salzer
 * Jana Srna


 Bernhard Gramlich
 TU Wien, Fakultaet fuer Informatik, Theory and Logic Group
 Favoritenstr. 9 - E185/2, A-1040 Wien, Austria
 Email: frocos05 at logic.at


 FroCoS 2005 web page: http://www.logic.at/frocos05/


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